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Full Name: Constantine
Nicknames: Sometimes referred to as "Connie" as his full first name is a bit of a mouth full.
Name Origins: Constantine  known to mean "steady" or "stable", also the name of several ancient emperors

Species: Yol
Age: 36
Sex: Technically sexless in the same manner as MTTs, but adopts masculine traits
Sexuality: Doesn't seem to be picky as far as masculine or feminine traits are concerned, as he doesn't really have sex for love in the first place
Saliva: Tastes like Red Hot cinnamon candies

Birthplace: Junction City
Current Residence: He tends to move around a lot; he doesn't really have a fixed residence and primarily lives in places that offer month-to-month rent if he doesn't have someone that, for some reason, has happened to take him in.
Occupation: Connie does a lot of odd jobs and is a bit of a "recruiter" for the Black Market. However, he is also a manipulator and con-artist, and has been known to make money through relationships with wealthy "partners" before disappearing again. All-in-all, he's a bit of a sleazebag.
Socioeconomic Level: Unknown most of the time. It fluctuates considerably based on what he's doing.

Affiliation: Neutral - Constantine will side with whoever somehow benefits him, though he also tends to duck out of situations before they potentially become dangerous for him.

 █║▌│ █║▌ Mental Profile

IQ: Unknown.
Education: Standard education. Went to college for a bit, but eventually decided he really couldn't get what he wanted out of it.

Skills: Has a bit of a silver tongue, and can be highly charismatic and manipulative if people don't keep their guard up around him.

Personality: Constantine can be very sociable, friendly, and may very well present the air of a suave and well-dressed gentleman, but in reality he is simply a very good actor. He is good at telling people what they want to hear, and the trust and affection toward him that typically develops is the primary catalyst for how he tends to run his schemes and cons. At the end of the day, his goal is to come out ahead, and he has very little true affection for those he has to step over in order to get there. In truth, he'd probably make a very good CEO if he didn't find the more structured nature of running a business so boring.

He tends to have high-class tastes, and a bit of a weakness for alcohol - he talks a lot more when it's in his system, and he makes most of his main mistakes while intoxicated, and he is aware of this. Therefore, he does tend to try and avoid drinking too much, but it is a bit hard for him to say no to a glass of wine or a cocktail. 

However, Connie is also a known coward. In the face of threats, he can immediately drop his facade and turn tail in the opposite direction in the interest of self-preservation. In many cases, paranoia alone may be enough to drive him off, which can make even empty threats surprisingly effective as long as they are convincing. It is one of the things that keeps him from ever truly reaching the top of the food chain, and that is something he realizes, which is a primary reason he does try to surround himself with people more powerful than himself (a fairly easy feat considering who he works for) as a means of protection.

█║▌│ █║▌ Relationship Analysis

Marital Status: Single
Virgin?: No
Dominant or Submissive?: Tends to flip between the two depending on the situation, though he tends to prefer someone else taking him by the horns
Romanticism: Constantine can be very suave, and he will utilize that ability when trying to woo someone. He can be all about the red roses and romantic dinners, and is very adept at making it look like he is head over heels for someone when, in reality, he is simply trying to get them to fall for him so he can get what interested him and move on his way. These facades can be really brief, or extraordinarily lengthy and planned out. Like all business practices, it's just all about closing the deal at the optimum moment, and he views romance as one of the more exciting bargains in the whole deal.

  • Unknown
Familial Relations: Unknown

Friends and Associates:
  • Abacus Halifax - Business relation
General Relations: Connie knows a lot of people, and he prides himself on being able to "get the right connections", but he also looks at almost all his relationships as potential business practices with no real loyalty beyond that. He keeps people that benefit him close, and he keeps potential hazards as far away as possible. He also tends to gravitate towards people who are desperate and will make himself appear as a truly understanding and sympathetic individual in order to get them on his side only to conveniently become unavailable the moment the situation stops becoming beneficial.

  • Currently unlisted

█║▌│ █║▌ Known History

[Childhood currently unavailable; displaying later years]

Constantine became a broker in the black market after recognizing the position as one with plenty of gain with very little drawback. He wasn't actually selling anything illegal, thus authorities really couldn't get any dirt on him, and he was simply paid a percentage for every useful individual he got involved with the higher dealers of the underground industry. True, those inductees could come after him, but the chances of them getting killed by slighted dealers were a lot higher than them actually getting a hold of him -- it was a situation of low risk and high reward as far as he was concerned, and it tended to be more profitable than his normal schemes.

It was through this business that he met Abacus Halifax, an MTT who happened to have a knack for technological innovation. After a few chats and a couple loaded questions, Constantine was eventually able to convince Abacus that, by selling weapon mods on the black market, he would be able to help his sister with her own business in whatever way he wished. Of course, Abacus was suspicious, but, as Connie suspected, his affection for his sister won out.

Constantine got Abacus in touch with his own employer, a human woman, and continued to be the messenger between the two while he also focused on recruiting others in addition to his own schemes.
Yol: Constantine
Write up for my new yol character. He's mainly associated with Abacus, as is explained, but I am of course open to branching out if people want their character to be related to him, perhaps be a past slighted lover, or his current temporary fling or whatever. Open to roleplaying that all out, yeah.

Some parts are a bit sparse because I'm still developing him, but he should eventually become completely fleshed out once I fully work out his relationship with Abby and more of his motives and such.

His visual reference should hopefully be coming soon, but this is the templated version (lines courtesy of DaringElle) I sent to Ann for color confirmation and such. Just obviously he's lacking some stripes on his tail, lawl


Character © Kat (LostEventideStudios)
Yols © annicron</small>
LanoraeGEAR: Brimstone the Charizard by LostEventideStudios
LanoraeGEAR: Brimstone the Charizard
New concept art will be made because I lost the PSD to finish this one, but this is one of the bosses that may eventually be faced. He's a broodlord charizard named Brimstone. He can stand on his hind legs like a canon charizard, but this is mainly showing the fact they can utilize their front legs as well.

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