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"We see the universe through an ocean of uncertainty."

Hello there! I'm Kat, though I also go by Lost. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, though I am largely self-taught aside from some foundations classes I have taken in college. I'm currently getting a degree in Individualized Studies, though I'm hoping to eventually be able to go back to school in order to get a degree in Art Education.

I enjoy drawing a lot of fantasy and sci-fi stuff, so you can bet that's what you'll be seeing here! I'm also a huge gamer and overall geek, so fanart from video games are also a large possibility! At least especially concerning fan characters!

   ✓ Video games
   ✓ Computers
   ✓ Birds
   ✓ Aquatic life
   ✓ Glowing things

✗ Conflict
✗ Spiders
✗ Deadlines
✗ Severe weather
✗ Lying

Reference Sheets

Reference sheets incoming


I do a bit of roleplaying here and there, but there are a couple things I should probably mention just to ensure roleplays aren't started and then go downhill for some reason or other.

  • I roleplay in third person and normally only in third person. I may sometimes delve into first person, but this is almost solely reserved for in-character things such as letters and things like that. I just don't like how first or second person flows in most roleplays.

  • I am a paragraph roleplayer. I am not very fond of chat roleplays where you put actions in brackets or something. Every once in a while I'll do them for laughs in a cbox somewhere, but for long-term roleplays they just don't interest me.

  • I am not a fast replier. This is a big one because I know a lot of people enjoy quick response roleplays, but I tend to drift in and out of a writing mood depending on the subject, what the last post I received was, etc. I will normally try to respond at least every other day or every two days, but you can expect some variation on that. Sometimes I'm super speedy, other times I'm a bit more casual. However, my responses are almost always decently lengthy, so it isn't like I won't respond for a week then greet you with a one-liner. On average, I'll spend anywhere from a half hour to over an hour writing responses.

  • I primarily roleplay in fandoms or headworlds that I am pretty familiar with. This list is pretty extensive however, so you'll probably be better off just asking if I know a fandom/world as opposed to me posting a lit of things I roleplay. Hint: I'm pretty good with most video game fandoms.

Original Species

Original species incoming

Art Status

Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - 1 by LostEventideStudios - Not Started
Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Planning by LostEventideStudios - Planning
Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Sketching by LostEventideStudios - Sketching
Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Refining by LostEventideStudios - Refining
Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Details by LostEventideStudios - Details
Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Inking by LostEventideStudios - Inking

Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Flats by LostEventideStudios - Flats
Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Shading by LostEventideStudios - Shading
Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Rendering by LostEventideStudios - Rendering
Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Touch-Ups by LostEventideStudios - Touch-ups
Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Complete by LostEventideStudios - Complete


Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Sketching by LostEventideStudios Corex, shaded - Zerictardusted


Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Sketching by LostEventideStudios Magdalene, flat colour - IrisHime

Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Sketching by LostEventideStudios Abacus, ref sheet
Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - 1 by LostEventideStudios Saylis, ref sheet
Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Planning by LostEventideStudios Illyri, species ref sheet


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